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Lowkey Community is one of the leading company based in Los Angeles California which has spread their services across North America, South America, South Asia and South East Asia. Company serves so many services including organizing on Esports, Technologies, E commerce, garment manufacturing, Media, and so many other services that satisfy client’s criteria. The company was founded group of people brought to live their passion on entrepreneurship.
“Lowkey Community

Opportunity for all”Lowkey Community is an esports and well-established multi-gaming platform which hosts branches in North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. Founded in January of 2019, we have elevated ourselves from start-up to international contender in a multitude of scenes. Our initial flagship program, based out of Sau Paulo Brazil, yielded internationally recognized talent in the form of our Brazilian Overwatch team. This dynasty claimed back to back Overwatch Contenders Championships and represented South America at the 2019 Gauntlet in Germany. They have recently claimed the title of the winningest team in SA overwatch History. The same Flashship program also created the FIRST ever Rocket League SA champion, which auto qualified us for the RLCS (international competition) in New Jersey. Both competitions were live-streamed and boasted hundreds of thousands of unique viewers. Our recent expansion after a dominating amount of success with our flagship came in the form of our acquisition of the League of Legends VCS team “Friends Forever Gaming.” This team averaged just outside of playoff contention before the acquisition, and with the correct injection of talent, we yielded a qualification for one of the most significant events in esport the “League of Legends World Championship.” This event, which was streamed on both twitch and youtube, had our brand and partners exposed to hundreds of thousands of unique viewers per day (of the competition). We are continuing our outreach for additional partners to open new expansions in different countries

We Focus On

  • Esports Organization
  • Garment Manufacturing.
  • Technology, Software and game development.
  • Professional Boxers.
  • Films, Media, Commercial, Product, placement, Marketing. 
  • Resort and Travel services.

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